Monday, November 12, 2012

Arizona State Fair

I'm the one in the green arm with the crazy hair! 

A few weekends ago Brand and I went to the Arizona State Fair.  We made a point to go when admission was 2$ and parking was free because we like a good deal.  I mean, why is the fair such an expensive place?!
I think my favorite part of the fair is  people watching, I could do it for hours simply because people are so weird. There were definitely many "what were/are they thinking" moments and "holy cow that 10 year old said what word??" The world is such a shocking place!
This time at the fair I had my first funnel cake! It was seriously so yummy, but it definitely gave me a stomach ache! Ugh! I also had a corn dog, I'm a sucker for those, and Brand had a turkey leg-it's tradition! que Reb Tevye! 
My favorite ride has to be the crazy one that looks like an alien, it flips you upside down and all kinds of crazy stuff. I just love it! Oh, I'm also a sucker for crazy rides (:  Did I feel unsafe at some point while riding this ride? Of course!

Does your state have a fair?
What is your favorite carnival ride?

Happy Veteran's Day! Thank you Veterans for all you have done and do for our country!


  1. My family and I went there 2 weeks ago! We went on a thursday, and the admission was free. Looks like you guys had fun. We also had turkey legs while we were there, it was delicious ;)

  2. I love fairs! NJ has one, but I've never been. Maybe next year!

  3. I love people watching too! There are so many people there that it's so easy to just stop and watch. It's awesome.
    And snow cones. But maybe not in the winter :)



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