Friday, October 19, 2012

my week in pictures

Right now I have "no scrubs" stuck in my head, random I know! 
So this week was back to the grind after a great fall break! I definitely slacked on my reading assignments for class and I paid dearly, I will from now on do the assigned readings! (This is the reason why I haven't posted much this week)

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// I've got a giveaway going on with one of ^^ being a prize! (: 
// visited my dad and grandpa at work this week! grandpa has a great view of south phoenix, this doesn't even do it justice! //
 // 9 mosquito bites in one night //
 // I'm now an Arizona Humane Society Volunteer!! // 
 // garage sale last weekend, such great weather! //
 // I love getting pictures from my brother, he is in the DR  (second from the left) //
// I love hanging out with this cute little guy in the afternoons! //

Hope you have a happy Friday Friends! And enjoy your weekend! 
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  1. I love this post... the pictures are so great, and I love that "no scrubs" is stuck in your head! lol that's awesome. :)

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