Thursday, October 11, 2012

awkward and awesome

- Sitting outside waiting to pick up the kids form school, I have my car locked and the key in the ignition-but the car is turned off-I go to take the key out of the ignition and the car starts beeping at me, like the loud alarm "you are stealing this car and I'm telling everyone" kind. So I freak out, turn off the alarm, and can sense all eyes staring at me like I don't belong to their cool club. I sink down in my chair.
- The above white shoes and outfit, so I was trying to be very Sydney today and it just didn't work out, I think I'm going to have to go stalk her blog for more idea!
- Sitting in the computer lab and every time I sit in the same spot, it never fails. Except for this one time where this girl just plops her self down and takes my seat, now I know we don't have assigned seating but come on!  I gave her a small stink eye and felt awkward sitting in not my normal seat.
- Also, I wanted to do my hair up today, but my face decided to grow an extra large protuberance on it, this is also know as a zit. Lets get real though, we all have them I just like to sometimes use my side bangs as a blanket to cover them up!

- No class for a week? Awesome! 
- Painting my nails and not getting outside the lines!! I finally did it! Someone give me an award!
- Babysitting and being told that the little guy asked for me the next day. Seriously, any kid that does this is on my "favorite little" list!
- Seeing Brand's face when he cam home to a picnic in the living room! I love his smile!
- Spending an hour going through Sydney's blog, I really feel like a stalker but she is so cute and I just want to know how she does what she does!

Happy Thursday/Friday Eve!!!


  1. YAHOOOOO for NO class for a week!!! And Sydney IS too cute. It should be illegal.



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