Tuesday, July 24, 2012

is this tmi?

Pictures from the other weekend when we had the BEST weather!! 

I have always had horrible acne problems my teenage years were the worst, when I was about 20 it got better and now I feel like I'm a teenager again. I've tried multiple face products, I've even been to a Dermatologist. Products either dry-out my face or make me super oily. I'm currently using Clearasil and it is seriously NOT working out! Anyone have a miracle face wash stories they would like to share? Acne is so gross and I just want it gone! Any help?!

One last note, I changed my blogger url, find me over HERE and follow me! (: Everything is the same the url is the only difference! I've also got a giveaway coming next week and you'll want to enter! (;

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  1. two weeks ago my skin randomly freaked out and i got the neutragena pink grapefruit facial scrub and its done wonders - i use it with their oil free moisturizer and my skin hasn't been this clear (especially this time of month) in a long time



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