Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Friends Day Wednesday!!

 Welcome to Friends Day Wednesday!
I have a new bloggy buddie!!
I don’t think you understand what this means to me!
I love meeting new people and Toni is no exception!
Toni from A Little Joy is a super cute lady!
She has a super cute baby girl too!!
Toni is new to blogland and needs lots of bloggers to give her a warm welcome!
She also says that she will do a giveaway as soon as she reaches 15 followers!! Yup, you heard that right!
Toni has a lot to talk about and is quite an interesting gal!
Get to know her for your self!


Really what else is there to say except, I am a mommy.  A new mommy.  I have been at it for 5 months.  
She wanted to come Christmas Eve but arrived in the early hours of Christmas morning. 
And she was perfect.  
 I am in love with her daddy. 
 We got married on a Summer Day in 2007.  
It was hot. Very hot.  
But I was too nervous to notice.  
We flew off into the sunset and spent our first days as husband and wife on a beach
 We now live in a little home in the middle of the desert.  Most people cant believe we live here.  But its not so bad, besides- I've never seen the stars shine as bright as they do way out here.  

Isn't this baby cute?!

Love the Photo booth pictures!

Toni loves her baby, her hubs, to travel, she knows hot to knit, and went to Paris. And she blogs all about these wonderful things! 
Hmmm... All these things, except the baby, sound like she is describing me! Toni and I have a lot in common! Head over to A Little Joy and show her your comment LOVE! Don't forget about her soon to be giveaway!

A Little Summer Treat

This weekend was my brother's farewell open house. 
So you could say we were over at the fams helping get ready.
My mom makes the best treats! 
She is such a great cook!
Every time I think of strawberries I think of the awesome strawberry dip that my mom makes.
I'm sure it is a pretty common thing to make but, I haven't heard many people making it.
It doesn't have a name but when you tell my mom
"Hey can you make me that strawberry dip"
She knows what you are taking about.

The recipe is very simple.
It is a one to one ratio of 
cream cheese and marshmallow whip.
Just whip the two together, put them in the fridge over night and there it is, 
your delish strawberry dip!

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The bubble some people don't have

Some people have a huge bubble
while others have no bubble at all.
I would like to describe my self as
someone who has a little bit bigger bubble than the average joe. 
Whenever my bubble gets squished like, say I am standing in line and someone comes up behind me and gets real close,
I inch forward a little while making sure I leave my foot behind me.
Sounds silly I know but I need my space!

So a  very interesting thing happened this weekend at Target.
I was pa-rousing through the clothing section when I came upon a cute dress that I wanted to look at.
As I looked up to see where my hubs went and all of a sudden I see this lady coming closer to me.
She keeps getting closer and closer till finally she is literally standing RIGHT NEXT TO ME!
I mean if I were to move an inch my hip would have touched hers!
So I keep to my business and look at the price tag on the dress.
She sees that I am looking at the price tag too and grabs it from my hands and goes 
"Oh I'm sorry."
What I wanted to say was
"Uhhh yeah what are you doing chic?!"
But I said
"Oh that's okay." {in a very uncomfortable voice}
But here is the kicker...
She kept holding the tag!!! 
Why did she say sorry then?!
She was still standing as close as ever and finally I gave up and said
"WOW! Your kidding right?!"
I Started laughing and walked away.
 I found my hubs told him what happened and found out he was watching the whole thing.
and was confused as well.

So I just wanted to give a little shout out to the girl who has no bubble. 
I have a bubble and I don't want it popped!! 

Was I rude?!

Have you ever had that happen to you?!

Okay this may exaggerate my bubble maybe take just the end part off! 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Man's Best Friend

We all know that dogs truly are Man’s Best Friend.
Especially with all the stories on the news lately.
We have heard stories 
where the family dog protects a young child as he wonders into the forest alone.
Where the family dog saves a young child from drowning.
There are so many stories about the heroic actions of family dogs.

When I was 3 years old my mom and dad bought me a toy poodle 
{and boy was she cute!}

Her name was Alyssa’s Amanda Louise
{Amanda for short}
She had many nicknames like; 
 and so forth.

She was truly my best friend. I would dress her in my dolly clothes and pretend she was my baby. She let me ‘man-handle’ her, I was very rough with her but she didn’t seem to mind
I fed her cheese balls, crust from bread {that was the part I didn’t like but of course she did}.  
As we both grew up we became best friends! 
I have numerous pictures of her sitting in my lap, and sleeping with me in my bed. 

As we all know time goes by and people grow up as do animals. 
Amanda lived to be about 15 years old so I new her for 15 years of my life!!
You can imagine it was a hard day when she died.

{and it will be a day I will never forget}

 Look at that ball of fur! I was 4.

My all time favorite picture of us! 

Man-handling her.

 two peas in a pod!
I even covered her with part of my blanket!
{like the blue nails and my great grandmas robe?!}

Halloween, she was just a pup!

My girlie all grown up!

After Amanda passed away my awesome mom made me a book filled with pictures of us!

Isn't it hard letting someone go?! 
I will always remember the good time I had with my puppy! She was my best friend and I miss her so much!

Do/did you have a dog?!

Wee Bit Wednesday

Hello lovely ladies! How has your week been? 
Ready for this three day weekend?!
I know I am! But in a way I’m not.
Can we just fast forward 2 years so I don’t have to go through all this?!
Anyways, here is my Wee Bit Wednesday Q’s and A’s!


{one} what’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?
I never really dated. My first date was to Prom and then my next date was my first date with the hubs!

{two} if you could be any other person for one day, who would it be?
Great question because I have wanted to be in someone else’s shoes… I’d say Hilary Duff. But, only because I want to know what it is like to be followed around and wear awesome clothes and always look super cute!

{three} what is your favorite kind of cheese?
Provolone!!  This is very recent too!!

{four} do you remember your 1st grade teacher?
Of course! I think everyone will remember their elementary school teachers! They are the best!!

{five} who is the first person you call when you have a bad day?
The hubs of course!

{six} were you ever in a school talent show?
Not in a talent show but in a play. I was the shyest kid in class and didn’t want to be in the play so they made me the bear who had one like “Rawrrrr!” and I refused to even say that!!!

{seven} who is your favorite fictional character?
Anne of Green Gables of course!

{eight} can you open your eyes underwater?
I can but don’t like to.

{nine} do you look at the keyboard when you type?
Nope. I’m good with the keyboard.

{ten} when was the last time you took a nap?
I don’t like taking naps so I’d say when I was younger. I feel like it wastes my day!


Still looking for Friends for Wednesdays Posts!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hand Stamped Silver Necklace Tutorial

Have you ladies seen those super cute Hand Stamped Silver Necklaces?! Have you seen them on Etsy and have you wanted to make one for your self?!
Well then you are in luck! 
I have the tutorial right here!!!

So I was searching on Etsy the other day and I was looking for missionary gifts when I came across this super cute necklace. 
Now I wasn't about to spend over $50 on a necklace that wasn't for me so I went to Hobby Lobby, collected my supplies and made them my self!!
I made one for my mom, mom in law and me of course!!
They turned out SUPER cute!
It was super easy and now I have all the materials to make more! 
Thats right! I can now make necklaces for birthday presents, graduations, baby births, for my self!
You guys should definitely jump on this wagon because these necklaces are a hit!

Letter Stamp Kit
Metal Charms
Steel Wool

First stamp your letters on the silver charms.

Next, you sharpie  the indented letters.
(make sure you get in the indent and try hard not to get too much outside the lines!)

Next, wait a good 8 minutes and then take your steel wool and lightly brush off the access sharpie.
(you may need to wait longer, this is just an estimated time)

Next, Place your jump rings on your silver/copper pieces

Now arrange the chains on your necklace. 
You can even add a pearl like I did! 

Don't you love it?!?!

I can't wait to make more! 

Let me know if you have any questions! 


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