Sunday, October 16, 2011

Later Days

See ya later.
Austa la vista baby.
Peace out.
Till we meet again.
Do svidaniya.

What am I trying to say?
Well, I'm trying to say that I won't be blogging much anymore.
Don't count me out for good, just count me out for daily;
fashion updates,
and all the stuff bloggy mom's have time for.
I have found my schedule to be very busy,
Unlike many people that I follow,
and I'm not able to keep up with their constant posts.
I am in no way trying to say that these people have all the time in the world.
However, I am saying they have more time than I do.

I started this blog to sell my hobby.
I made friends,
Found great tutorials, ideas and much more

So look for me in the future.
When I've stopped being a workaholic and
have become a SAHM.
Maybe I'll do a little post here and there but, this is my last hurrah.
[even though it's not a hurrah]

Thank you for all your support and friendship! Lets keep in touch!

moda_chic_boutique [at] hotmail [dot] com  or
aslamandt [at] yahoo [dot] com

Sunday, October 09, 2011

What I Wore

This weekend in Arizona was very nice!
The weather cooled down and I ACTUALLY drove to work with my heater on!
It was such nice weather but the forecast shows it's not here to stay for the rest of the week.
But, let's enjoy it while it lasts!

This weekend was pretty busy and we seemed to be going non stop!
Pretty glad it's Sunday and that I have tomorrow off! SWEET!

I have found my recent pictures to be very silly.
I don't know how to pose because I feel like I do the same pose every time.
Obviously this whole modeling thing isn't for me!
Also, I've noticed I do my hair the same way every time, I think I'm afraid to get out of the box.

Shirt: Vera Wang ($2.90), Undershirt: AE (Gifted) Watch: Fossile (Gifted) Skinnies: Kohls ($12) Shoes: Famous (Gifted)
Total OP: $15

 Confession; I was talking in this picture but I needed another picture on here! 
Oh, and do you like our neighbors tomato plant?! (:

Have an awesome weekend!

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Monday, October 03, 2011

What I Wore {A New Little Something}

How was your weekend?
Mine was pretty good! 
I thought I was going to get to relax but that flew right out the door
when I decided to organize (:
So it was a pretty productive weekend, which is ALWAYS good!
We did however go see HP 7.5 again, I really can't wait till it comes out on DVD!
We watched General Conference and I finished a new cowl! 
I will be putting it up on ETSY a little bit later!

My what I wore doesn't show my whole outfit.
That's okay though because I'll just tell you that my jeans are really cute!

Shirt: Gifted, Jeans; Kohls, Shoes: Famous, Cowl: Moda Chic

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