Friday, February 11, 2011

Ruffle Necklace Tutorial

This Ruffle Necklace is super cute!! 
And the Tutorial is VERY EASY!

Supplies you will need:
Sewing Machine
Necklace Chain

Start out by cutting the fabric to the length you want your necklace to be. 
My piece was about 20 x 3.
{You may want to make your smaller}

Next you will need to fold your fabric in half.
{the first one I made was mustard but I messed up so learn from my mistakes.}

From here you will sew your piece together. 
You will want to sew about less than half way from the top.
{be sure to leave enough room for your necklace chain}

After you are done sewing take your fabric piece and thread your chain through the hole. 
{it is much easier if you do this before you bunch your fabric}

Now you take the bottom thread {the piece that came through the bobbin} and pull.
Be sure not to putt too hard because you may accidentally rip the thread.

Try to use the right color thread! 
I should have used Black!!
What was I thinking?!?

You will want to bunch this until you are happy with your result. 

And then you are done!!! 


  1. So fabulous!!!! Love this. New follower from the hop... We're always looking for people and products to feature!

    XO Suz from Well to Do

  2. What a cool tutorial! It's beautiful! Now if only I had the talent. . . :) Thanks so much for linking up!!! Hope you have a Happy Valentines day! HUGS!

  3. Hi! I'm stepping by from FTLOB - You are so crafty! I love this ruffle necklace (well, and what to say about the nice flowery hair accessories!). I just saw a very similar one in a shop... so I'm also going to take part in your give away ;)
    Cute blog!

  4. Well-to-do- Thank you! I glad you like it!
    Lisa- Thanks!! You can TOTALLY DO IT! I have never sewed a day in my life!! (:
    Katherina- Thank you! I like to think I am crafty! (: Good Luck in the Give Away!!



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